Monday, November 24, 2008

The Amazing thing

This weekend God revealed the "Amazing" that He has for me. In an Amazing way (which is totally like Him) When I went down to IHOP last August, I loved being there and I remember telling someone that I could live there. They in turn said "Laura, you could live anywhere, that is why you are a missionary". So anyhow, while I was there, I stayed with my old bible college roommate (Dawn) who lives less than 6 miles from the IHOP base.
So maybe a month ago Dawn called me and told me that the house right next to hers went up for sale. I remember the house because when I would drive back to Dawn's from IHOP, I would begin to turn into that house each time, then remember hers was the next house. Well, I talked to the people who were selling it and asked the price, and it was VERY affordable. I have never owned a house, and I began to ask God what He was up to. Well, I began to know that He wanted me to move there. A lot of things began to happen that just made sense that God was orchestrating it all. A few obstacles though. My son who is 16, DID NOT want to leave here. He was adamant about that. He didn't even want to come down there with me when I decided that I should at least look inside the house. (Mostly to appease my family and friends who told me I couldn't buy a house I have never been inside of). Well 2 days before I was supposed to leave my son told me he wanted to come with. I was very happy, but told God if He wanted this to happen He would have to work on Jubal, because I could not leave him in Minnesota. So we got there after dark and we walked around the house and I loved it. I finally got the courage to ask Jubal what he thought and he was crying. He said he loved it too, but he didn't want to leave Minnesota.
Well, that night I was talking to Dawn and kind of looking at her house and noticing things I didn't really want my house to have. So I told God that night, "God you know I can live anywhere and I am not picky, but I really would like it if the bathroom could have a closet to put towels in, and the washer and dryer could be inside the house (Dawn's are in her garage) and a garage door opener would be really nice too". Well, the next morning when I got up, the guys who own the place were already there so I just walked over and asked if I could look inside. I walked through the house and guess what? There is a closet in the bathroom that happens to be huge, there are hook ups for a washer and dryer in the kitchen by the door that goes to the garage, and when I was talking to the guys I asked them how difficult it would be to put in a garage door opener. They both said "It already has one!" Thanks God, you are AWESOME! So I officially love the house and know God made it for me now. The hard part now. Jubal. Well he loves the house too and says yes to buying it. So I decide to check out the town so that we can see what all is around. We pass by a "Popeye's Chicken" and Jubal says, can we move tomorrow?
We love the town, and even found a Jamaican restaurant just a few miles away.
So when my job ends in May we will be preparing to move into the house in June. Now I know God well enough to know that he is going to provide me a job there and I know times are hard all over job wise, but I am not worried because I know God is doing all of this. So Dawn is talking to me and she said that the agency I am working for may have an office in Kansas City, so I should check that out. Well, guess what? They have 2 Offices!!! So I can just have a job lined up for when we move and I won't have to stress about all of that!! Wow. Amazing God.

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