Sunday, October 11, 2009


Music is such an amazing thing. I am always fascinated at how a different sound can make you feel an emotion. Think of how boring a movie would be without music. A scary movie would not be so scary without the intense music in the scary parts. Music can make you feel things.
Sometimes I envision us as puppets with either God or Satan as our puppetmaster. If we dedicate ourselves to God and we listen to music that glorifies Him the intense worship we can feel is inexplicable.
Now look at the opposite. How many times since Columbine have we heard either music or video games blamed for the reasoning behind a youth who has gone on a murder spree. When they have been teased or made to feel less than human and then by listening to music that speaks negative or whatever it empowers them to kill. Satan must be proud.
I prefer to focus on Godly music. I have noticed in my own life a progression. Before I was a Christian I used to listen to whatever was on the radio. After I became a Christian I put that down and listened to worship songs. After a time I began to listen only to songs that spoke of God and how we feel about him. True worship songs. No more even Christian radio because it is so commercialized. Some songs seem to speak of God but if put in different hands they could be spoken of another person or anything.
Now after being at IHOP for as long as I have, listening to the music that comes from hearts dedicated to God and giving Him all the worship we can, the music is so different that I can never go back to anything else. It is a progression. I am being prepared for the eternal music from the throne of God. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!