Monday, September 15, 2008

Music... Amazing stuff

I am always amazed at how God can just take control of what is going on when we surrender to His will. Sunday morning Luke Anderson was leading worship (I am on his worship team as the bass player of course). He had decided to open the service with the Harp and Bowl format rather than just doing a song, like we usually do. So for 10 minutes or longer we did Harp and Bowl. Then we went into the regular worship time. After 4 songs we introduced a new song. Now if you have ever dealt with the dynamics of a church setting Sunday worship time, you know that it is always difficult to introduce a new song. People don't know it and usually the spirit is quenched to a certain extent because of all of that. Well we introduced this song "The Stand". We played it for quite some time and when we had wound it down, the drummer started playing in the spirit. I immediately picked up on it and started to give it some depth. Well we broke into a time of worship that was beyond anything we have done for a long time. It was beyond words. God broke through! Several of us on the worship team were dancing up there. I haven't done that in a very long time but you just couldn't NOT dance! It is so exciting to see people being set free in that sort of setting. People came forward for God to break through in their lives.... Forget the sermon. We did worship for over and hour and a half! PRAISE GOD! When it was all finished I got a word from the Lord that this was because of Luke's faithfulness to begin the service with Harp and Bowl. The people are hungry to come into the presence of God and we brought them there! What an honor.

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